New Scope mounts for Weaver/Picatinny WP02

JSC Dedal-NV - produces professional day and night vision equipment, has started producing a new generation of WP02, providing the correct installation of the Weaver / Picatinny base and excluding  the removal of middle impact point by re-installation of the riflescope. WP02 mount suits for day riflescopes with 30 and 34 mm diameter of rings and for night riflescopes, produced by Dedal-NV.

Complete set consists of changeable plates, providing 20’, 48’. 1°00’, 1°18’ slope angles. The rings for day riflescopes are produced with the BH38 and BH50 installation height. The construction is shockproof on heavy recoil (.338LM, .50BMG). Screws are special designed against self-unscrewing and are fixed at weapon mount by hex key, coin, screwdriver or by military knife. Mount produced by JSC Dedal-NV was tested and supplied to law enforcement as a complete set of day and night riflescopes.

12 september 2011
This is an alert.