Night Vision Monoculars Series
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High-contrast high-aperture night optics
The high-aperture optical system takes account of IIT peculiarities and spectral light contents in darkness, utilizes low dispersed optical glass, specific multilayer antireflection coating, and rigid tolerances in the optics manufacturing process. It provides high image quality, high resolution across the entire field of view, and a 20% better target-background contrast in our night vision devices and riflescopes over the competition.

Advanced IIT
Dedal-NV’s night vision products utilize advanced image intensifier tubes with the best parameters of integral sensitivity, resolution and signal-to-noise ratio. Depending on a particular request, we can install tubes with a black and white screen, autogated power supply and, in case of riflescopes, specifically shockproof for use with high calbre weapons. All IIT are guaranteed for compliance with the specified parameters and double-tested at the manufacturer’s site and at our assembly line.

The Night Vision Monocular Dedal-370 can be mounted on a headset or a helmet adapter for hands-free orientation. With interchangeable objective lenses (1× / 3× / 4× / 6× / 10×) it can be used as a hand-held scope. Being used on a rifle behind a red dot sight, it transforms the latter into a night aiming system. For taking night time pictures and videos, the monocular is mounted in front of the camera’s objective lens.

Comfort of observation
The eyepiece of Dedal-370 boasts a very large exit pupil. This feature allows extended comfortable observation, allowing significant shifts of observer’s eye. This is particularly important if you walk fast or run with the monocular mounted on your head. Long eye relief allows safe shooting with a monocular mounted behind a red dot sight.

Fast interchangeable objective lenses

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