«IWA & Outdoor Classics 2015»

During 6-9 of March in Nurenberg took place the biggest anniversary (40 years) European international exhibition of hunting and sports guns, safety ensuring devices, and also accessories and equipment for outdoor activities «IWA & Outdoor Classics 2015».

Along with 1200 exhibitors Dedal-NV presented  the line of day, night and thermal vision devices.

As usual the big interest of European customers were caused by Dedal-552, Dedal-TA2 and also DH 1-7х24 day riflescope.

The  members of Dedal-NV showed the advantages and features of these models in comparison with well-known at worlds market competitive devices.

Dedal-NV consolidated the exist distributors relationships and found out a new sale markets.

12 march 2015
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