The 13th Moscow International Exhibition "ARMS & Hunting -2016"

Armorers and hunters, the leading manufacturing companies and distributors of optical equipment, hunting and sports weapon have gathered on this exhibition. Our JSC Dedal-NV company has participated in exhibition where it has presented the series of night riflescopes, day and thermal vision devices.

This year, as well as in the past, the thermal vision equipment, namely Dedal-T2.380 Hunter and Dedal-T4.642 Pro continues to attract permanently high interest. Thermal imagers have proved both among hunters, and among snipers of various special divisions long ago. Not so long ago (from September 11 to September 16, 2016 (Krasnodar)) there have taken place big International competitions of sniper couples among police and anti-terrorist divisions where in the strongest ten, the nine places won the teams which have been  using night or thermal vision technology of JSC Dedal-NVproduction.

By the request of our hunters, shooters and snipers we have shown a new software for our thermal vision devices, where we considered all remarks and desires.

Visitors were also were interested in our day riflescopes with the reticle in the 1st focal plane. We show our compact day riflescope DHF 1-7х24 which can be used in many purposes. For example: practice shooting, sporting shooting (IPSC) or at the hunt or by shooting the beasts from the short distances. The main advantage of this device is its technical characteristics, which doesn’t fall short of a well-known brands of premium class , having a competitive price.

Also everyone had an opportunity to get  acquainted with a shooting Russian complex:  Orsis T-5000  rifle with DH 5-20x56 day riflescope and Dedal-TA2.642 Pro thermal vision clip-on sight. The complex has been presented on a separate rack of our partners - the ORSIS company.

The exhibition has attracted numerous fans and professionals: hunters, employees of security and police power structures.

03 october 2016
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