On September 12-13, 2018 in St. Petersburg

Transneft Company expressed a special interest in thermal and night vision devices of Dedal-NV production.

On September 12 - 13, 2018 in St. Petersburg an educational and methodical meeting was held with the heads of the security units of Transneft  and Transneft-Security organizations.

The main topics of the meeting were summing up the results of activities to ensure the security and antiterrorist protection of the company's facilities and Transneft  system and identify key areas and urgent tasks for further work in the near future.

Transneft Company  expressed a special interest in thermal  and night vision devices of Dedal-NV production, confirming that the Dedal devices can be effectively used not only to stop illegal insertion in pipelines, but also to ensure antiterrorist protection of objects and ecological security of the company.

17 september 2018
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