"Open bullet shooting competitions"

Venue: “TSNIITOCHMASH” range (Klimovsk, Moscow region).

In November 4, 2012 in Moscow took place ”Open bullet shooting competitions “, dated for the state holiday of the Russian Federation "Day of national unity”.

JSC Dedal-NV became one of sponsors of "Open bullet shooting competitions”

The competitions were organized by the National Federation of High-precision shooting, the Sports Club of High-precision shooting, with the support and providing of “TSNIITOCHMASH” and “Promtekhnologiya”.

24 teams took part in competitions. Among the competitors there were current members of power structures and not professional sportsmens

JSC Dedal-NV expresses gratitude to the organizers of competitions for accurate and harmonious work and also congratulates winners and the prize-winners who have shown good results during competitions.

06 november 2012
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