Rebranding logo

Dear Partners!

By the present letter we inform you, that our company is starting to replace our logo.

The present old variants have been developed more than 20 years ago and reflected the main activity of our manufacture – development and production of night vision devices and riflescopes.

Continuing to produce night vision equipment, during 2010-2016 our manufacture has developed and mastered serial release of day and thermal vision equipment. Now our manufacture is supplying our equipment in all ranges of observation: day, night and thermal vision.

New logo has:

1. Traditional Dedal font and name.

2. Night vision replaced to a New Vision. By our opinion, it reflects bigger production range of our manufacture.

3. Optical lens as a background. It emphasizes optical character of our production.

At the nearest time we are going to replace new logo on our advertising materials and ready production.

16 february 2017
This is an alert.