NEW!!! - Thermal vision riflescope Dedal-T2.380 Hunter

Dear partners!

In a class of the budgetary thermal vision riflescopes there is an expected Novelty - Dedal-T2.380 Hunterriflescope.

This thermal vision riflescope has characteristics close to the top Dedal-T4 riflescopes, conceding to them only in optical magnification and just less detailed working out of a background.

We hope that technical characteristics and reliability of a riflescope will allow to provide successful hunting to all our Customers.

Demands for a thermal vision riflescopes Dedal-T2.380 Hunter can be sent to e-mail :

The €6540 cost is nominated in euro at the Central Bank rate at the time of  execution of the account.

07 december 2015
This is an alert.